Live tracking with Backitude

Backitude GPS Location Tracker

Backitude is a light-weight and efficient Android 2.2+ application designed to capture the location of your device at configurable time intervals or whenever the position is served up by the operating system from another application. Keep your resources free and your battery full.

Backitude has since been in a process of re-invention to offer users a continuous location detection application (Configure once, enable, and leave running forever!) with the capability and flexibility to sync location data to any number of destinations including: Custom server URLs, on-board internal memory in form of KML or CSV files, SMS relay, and more!

Backitude is the official live tracker for GPSies. It is free - but donations for the developer of Backitude are very welcome. Thanks to Brian Gaugler!

Backitude GPS Location Tracker
Instructions for Backitude and GPSies

Live Tracking is at the moment only available for Android smartphones. A live tracking is ending automatically after an inactivity of 6 hours. Use live tracking at your own risk. Every one can follow you during the tracking! It is planned to set the trackings as "privat", but it is not implemented at the moment!

  1. Install Backitude GPS Location Tracker on your Android smartphone
  2. Register at GPSies

There are many ways to transfer the setting to the backitude App on your smartphone. The most easiest way is Option 1

Option 1
  1. Go to the mobile site of GPSies and log in
  2. Click on Backitude
  3. Click on "Import directly" (only visible on your phone)

Option 2
  1. Log in at GPSies
  2. Mail your personal preferences to your smartphone (see below if logged on: "My preferences for Backitude and GPSies")
  3. Go to the mailbox on your smartphone and follow the instructions

Start the live tracking

  1. Open the app and start the live tracking on your phone (click "Enable Backitude")