Mountain bike trail Las Flores

Altitude Profile (139 ft to 878 ft)

Altitude range

739 ft

Total climb

1,554 ft

Total descent

1,529 ft

GPSies-Index 5.81 ClimbByBike-Index 48.54 Fiets-Index 0.11

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Quality of track
28.88 miles
1677 (2 parts)
28 time(s)
5 time(s)


Fun factor
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round trip

28.88 miles

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everything which wasnt on the main street was nice.

two completly different characteristics, before you go left to Sosua you have unpaved trails, not a lot of elevation but when it goes up, you better be prepared. its not often that i dismount uphill but two ascents were impossible.

the second part to sosua is a paved road, but it felt different than most dominican roads. shadow, bit of "cold" breeze, no garbage to the left and right, nice view

of course, the way back via the main road is a PITA, solution is to turn right before sosua and  go back the way you would also go to jamao del norte and turn right.

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Starting Coordinates

N 19°46.682' W 70°40.093'
N 19°46'40.926" W 70°40'05.620"
N +19.7780350 E -70.6682280

Ending Coordinates

N 19°46.864' W 70°40.292'
N 19°46'51.880" W 70°40'17.572"
N +19.7810780 E -70.6715480

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