Cycling route Wangetti

Altitude Profile (73 ft to 1,872 ft)

Altitude range

1,799 ft

Total climb

2,804 ft

Total descent

2,760 ft

GPSies-Index 8.61 ClimbByBike-Index 70 Fiets-Index 0.47

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39.48 miles
267 time(s)
28 time(s)


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round trip

39.48 miles

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Quaid Road is also known as Southedge Road and is strange for a number of reasons. It is a bitumen road put in from Wangetti to a proposed rural subdivision, (complete with massive lake), in the 1990s by the developer George Quaid (who also subdivided the Daintree with help fom the Minister for everything Russ Hinze). The road is 32 km long and goes from sea level over the range (570 metres) to the Mareeba-Mt Molloy Road and the non existent subdivision (Southedge), but the lake is there! Wet Tropics wouldn't let George open his commuter road and so it remains with three locked gates blocking vehicle access along its length. It is still maintained to some degree, and the surface ranges from pretty rough bitumen in a couple of sections to excellent bitumen for most of the road. Needless to say there's a bit of climbing (1060metres return) but the road is virtually traffic free (few trailbikes on weekends and the odd vehicle in parts) and passes through rainforest to the dryer savannah country with great views all over the place. It's the perfect place when the mud is getting you down or for a training ride. George's loss is the cyclists gain! Many trails run off the road and most are worth exploring. ROad bikes should put on some robust tyres.
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mountainous  deserted, quiet  solid  onroad 

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Starting Coordinates

S 16°39.725' E 145°33.942'
S 16°39'43.502" E 145°33'56.570"
N -16.6620840 E +145.565714

Ending Coordinates

S 16°39.726' E 145°33.940'
S 16°39'43.563" E 145°33'56.422"
N -16.6621010 E +145.565673

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