Mountain bike trail Alcudia Baleares

Altitude Profile (0 ft to 2,726 ft)

Altitude range

2,726 ft

Total climb

9,281 ft

Total descent

8,983 ft

GPSies-Index 21.57 ClimbByBike-Index 76.98 Fiets-Index 1.09

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Quality of track
39.45 miles
58 time(s)
10 time(s)


Fun factor
Description of track
one-way trip

39.45 miles

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Track simplification

It has been quite hard for me to find quality MTB tracks for me to download, I have made 2 tracks in the area of Alcudia, Pollenca and Lluc.

Track is corrected for mistakes and detours etc.

This track is around 65km long and starts in Alcudia, following the beachroad until turning left on a smaller road going towards Pollenca.

The GR 221 is a official Hiking and MTB route, depending on where you stay on Mallorca you can catch this GPS track if you follow the MA-10 road that runs between Lluc and Pollenca. The GR 221 route starts on the MA-10, see the picture further down!

From the MA-10 the GR221 turns toward the mountains, there are two ways up, for this GPS track I choose to follow the wide dirttrack uphill, and the narrow fun singletrack downhill, if you study the track you will discover that the two ways up is seperated in the start and then joins together further up, and crossing each other, so follow the track as you like, they both end up the same place.

If you are a skilled mountainbiker you can take the singletrack uphill, but is a ofcourse harder.

Where the MA-10 and the MA-2130 meets there is a tankstation so you can refill your waterbottles.

If you follow this track you will return to this tankstation later on, you might be able to see the double trackline if you zoom in on the satelite picture.

After the tankstation and if you follow this track counter clockwise, you will start riding on the Camino de Comfreda, after a few km on this track you will probarbly have to pay 5-6 euros for going through a private area, we met an old guy sitting in a wooden shelter, and no this is not a joke, apperently this is unfortunatly common on Mallorca.

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Starting Coordinates

N 39°51.169' E 3°06.834'
N 39°51'10.185" E 3°6'50.072"
N +39.8528294 E +3.11390900

Ending Coordinates

N 39°52.128' E 2°57.969'
N 39°52'07.707" E 2°57'58.179"
N +39.8688076 E +2.96616100

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