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Altitude Profile (105 ft to 732 ft)

Altitude range

627 ft

Total climb

2,323 ft

Total descent

2,323 ft

GPSies-Index 6.5

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28.30 miles
12 time(s)
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28.30 miles

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Track simplification

2016 Litchfield Tabletop Ultra Marathon 50km. Route distance shown here is short due to simplification of route.


Distances used in notes are from this route so they will be less than recorded on day of run - my apologies. I estimate distance is approximately 4km short for the complete run so distcance error will be about -10%. 

The ONLY exit points from the the Tabletop circuit used for the Ultra / 50km run are at "Florence Falls" and the final exit at 'Wangi Falls".

Do NOT Exit at Walker Creek (approx 16.3 km from start), Roberts Creek Campground (approx 18.1 km from start) and at Green Ant Creek (approx 42.5 km from start).


Route Description


Start at Wangi Falls - Toilet block near car park,

Turn Right @ 250 meters Wangi Falls Walk,

WP2 Turn Right @ 1.1km onto Wangi Falls Link Track (Just after footbridge - follow blue arrows),

WP3 Turn Left @ 2.2km at Tabletop Track (follow blue arrows) ,

CP1 Fire Trail  @ 12.6km NO WATER for next 12km,

At 16.3 kms bypass Walker Creek track junction (continue to follow blue arrows for tabletop circuit),

At 18.1 kms bypass Roberts Creek Campground junction (continue to follow blue arrows for tabletop circuit),

WP5 Turn Left @ 24.6 km onto Florence Falls Link track (Follow Orange arrows),

WP6 Turn Right @ 25.3 km onto Florence Falls trail,

CP2 Florence @ 25.9 km Falls Car Park,

WP8 Turn Right @ 26.6 km onto Florence Falls Link track (follow blue arrows),

WP9 Turn Left @ 27.3 km onto Tabletop Track (follow blue arrows),

CP3 Firetrail @ 33.3 km,

At 42.5 kms bypass Green Ant Creek track junction (continue to follow blue arrows and white / red flagging tape)

WP11 Turn Left @ 43.5 km onto Wangi Falls Link Track (Follow Orange Arrows)

WP12 Turn Right @ 44.6km onto Wangi Falls Walk. Follow pathdown to falls,

At base of cliff / falls turn right and head to start / finish point.

End @ 45.5km


Congratulations - enjoy the swim.


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Starting Coordinates

S 13°09.753' E 130°40.940'
S 13°9'45.219" E 130°40'56.406"
N -13.1625609 E +130.682335

Ending Coordinates

S 13°09.753' E 130°40.942'
S 13°9'45.231" E 130°40'56.528"
N -13.1625643 E +130.682369

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