Hiking trail Boston Suffolk

Altitude Profile (3 ft to 128 ft)

Altitude range

125 ft

Total climb

174 ft

Total descent

249 ft

GPSies-Index 9.86 ClimbByBike-Index 98.02 Fiets-Index 0

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60.85 miles
378 time(s)
92 time(s)


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one-way trip

60.85 miles

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This route attempts to follow the East Coast Greenway, using the Southern New England Trunk Line Trail and segments of Connecticut's Air Line State Trail northeast of Putnam that have never been upgraded, although the state owns the right-of-way. Parts of the route may be impossible to follow, and require detours onto nearby roads. This is more a theoretical route than a practical one. It follows several existing communter and recreational trails to get out of Boston. Unfortunately, they are not well linked, so the route as far as Franklin is very ad hoc. So this is a "write to your town and state government and ask them to finish it" kind of route. As an alternative, Rhode Island 209 and then Route 44 into Putnam, Connecticut, has a sufficient shoulder for safety and is ridable.
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flat  soft  rocky  offroad  path  cycle path  onroad 

I attempted to ride this route in early June, and I found that from Franklin to Putnam was unrideable, with tracks still in place in some areas, and bridges or crossings missing in others. It is a theoretical future trail, not a trail that you can use in 2008.

Posted 6/27/08 1:24 AM

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Starting Coordinates

N 42°20.410' W 71°05.079'
N 42°20'24.619" W 71°5'04.755"
N +42.3401720 E -71.0846543

Ending Coordinates

N 41°55.092' W 71°54.376'
N 41°55'05.556" W 71°54'22.572"
N +41.9182100 E -71.9062700

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