Mountain bike trail Fiss Politischer Bezirk Landeck

Altitude Profile (4,734 ft to 7,867 ft)

Altitude range

3,133 ft

Total climb

3,371 ft

Total descent

3,476 ft

GPSies-Index 13.27 ClimbByBike-Index 99.62 Fiets-Index 7.17

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9.81 miles
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one-way trip

9.81 miles

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Nicest downhill parts of Sattelkopf trail, plus Madatschen trail for XC riders. Do-able with XC hardtail or XC fully, grippy tires advised. Start/End in Serfaus or Fiss. On the end: cross the St Zeno bridge to get back to Fiss. On bike from Serfaus to Fiss in only 10-15mins. From Fiss take the Schonjoch cable car to the top.

This track combines the nicest sections of and

It skips the boring gravel uphills and some sections for which you need an enduro/downhill bike. Also skips the sharp steep hairpin downhill of the Sattelkopf trail. It follows the Sattelkopf trail further to take the nice Madatschen downhill.

Tips to follow the route: at the end of the Sattelkopf trail (track 20 on hiking map) there is a rest place with some water sources. It's tempting to keep following the small track there, but it becomes a trail (quellen steig) with only big rocks on which you can't bike unless you’re an trial artist ;-). Better follow the GPS track with takes the wide path (pensionistenweg) down. When you came past the hog lake you're on the Madatschen trail. Some parts are gravel. But further down the single trail runs close to the gravel which is hard to spot on the GPS. Just have a good look to the right to spot the trail.

S1-S2 singletrail, not for beginners. Follows mostly hiking trails. Please always slow down and give hikers precedence.

More attributes
mountainous  deserted, quiet  GPS recorded  harsh  rocky  rutted/washboard  path  singletrail 

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Starting Coordinates

N 47°03.426' E 10°36.790'
N 47°3'25.587" E 10°36'47.433"
N +47.0571077 E +10.6131759

Ending Coordinates

N 47°02.302' E 10°36.061'
N 47°2'18.165" E 10°36'03.682"
N +47.0383792 E +10.6010230

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