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131 ft

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1,247 ft

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1,253 ft

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26.29 miles

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Course of the Paris Marathon 2016. 140m vertical distance. With 57.000 starters one of the top 5 Marathons of the world. Register early to get a starting position.

The route is not a scenic as you would expect. If you expect a sightseeing tour on running shoes, make yourself ready for disappointment: admittely, the run starts at Champs Elysees - notably already the largest highlight of the course -, but only after a few miles, it is going out of the city centre, leaving only the Louvre and the Bastille as considerable places of interest along the street. On the way back, three tunnels block the sight in the inner city zone. You can hardly see the Eiffel Tower. Paris is definitely one of the most attractive cities of Europe, but the Paris Marathon is definitely not one of the most attractive City Marathons. No comparison to Berlin or even Hamburg, Cologne etc. Not to mention New York, London, Rome, Istanbul etc. Even Munich has much more to offer, yet it is 1/3 of the size. Also the atmosphere beside the street is no comparison to other large runs. A usual sunday will probably see more people on the street than viewers along the route.

Value for money is also not outstanding. Food supply is not optimal (mostly fruit and water, no isotonic drinks) and a cheap shirt with 100% polyester.

So, if you are looking for one of the large European Marathons, don't start with Paris. Rather Berlin, London or Rome. But if you decide to do it, make sure that you have some days before or after, to acutally see the city.

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Starting Coordinates

N 48°52.216' E 2°18.382'
N 48°52'12.975" E 2°18'22.940"
N +48.8702709 E +2.30637243

Ending Coordinates

N 48°52.327' E 2°16.775'
N 48°52'19.675" E 2°16'46.555"
N +48.8721320 E +2.27959871

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