Nordic walking trail Holborn and Covent Garden Ward

Altitude Profile (7 ft to 128 ft)

Altitude range

121 ft

Total climb

335 ft

Total descent

305 ft

GPSies-Index 4.04

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24.03 miles
501 time(s)
32 time(s)


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one-way trip

24.03 miles

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On 1 October Friday 18:00-22:00hrs, as we simply could not get enough of all the drizzly chilly grey weather of good old Nondon, we went for a dip in the River Thames. It was a snaky swim alright. Our night lasted for a while but our map didn't form a perfect loop because 4 hours on, our bloody Garmin Forerunner 405 died. What happened to the good old Energizer rabbit??????  Who needs all these useless skinny bratty batts that die before you can say 'nice to meet you'?


Compare and contrast this with another journey along hydrated life lines of ours: 3rdlifekaidie DOT com SLASH 2010 SLASH 09 SLASH nondon-summer-3   ... forget about the slashes and dots, just click on the bloody link below, please, if you will. 

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Starting Coordinates

N 51°31.437' W 0°07.029'
N 51°31'26.272" W 0°7'01.771"
N +51.5239647 E -0.11715888

Ending Coordinates

N 51°30.919' W 0°07.611'
N 51°30'55.198" W 0°7'36.695"
N +51.5153329 E -0.12685976

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