Running route Cumberland Comox Valley

Altitude Profile (499 ft to 1,430 ft)

Altitude range

932 ft

Total climb

1,906 ft

Total descent

1,893 ft

GPSies-Index 5.29 ClimbByBike-Index 26.75 Fiets-Index 0.41

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12.31 miles
2 time(s)
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Fun factor
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round trip

12.31 miles

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Track simplification

The Cumby race course has had to be modified due to recent logging activity along TeaPot and 42nd Street. 

The change will be to turn left off Shortline onto Lower Vanilla, follow along Upper Vanilla, then turn left and head downhill on Truffle Shuffle. 

At the bottom of Truffle Shuffle, turn right after the bridge onto TeaPot almost all the way down. Take a left on That Dam Trail, then continue with the original course layout back along the road, Buggered Pig and Mama Bear towards the finish. 

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Starting Coordinates

N 49°37.028' W 125°01.746'
N 49°37'01.693" W 125°1'44.792"
N +49.6171370 E -125.029109

Ending Coordinates

N 49°37.069' W 125°01.913'
N 49°37'04.144" W 125°1'54.832"
N +49.6178180 E -125.031898

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