Mountain bike trail Marple North Ward

Altitude Profile (295 ft to 1,076 ft)

Altitude range

781 ft

Total climb

1,460 ft

Total descent

1,463 ft

GPSies-Index 4.34 ClimbByBike-Index 21.92 Fiets-Index 0.38

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9.28 miles
235 time(s)
41 time(s)


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9.28 miles

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Short Ride from roman lakes, some overlap but plenty packed in there for lots of fun! Starts off at the Roman Lakes car park, runs along the goyt valley for a mile or so before heading up the hill, across to the golf club then up again to the highest point of the ride. That's most of the uphills out of the way and what follows ia a selection of  the best sections of DH in the area. Red or Black grade by trailpark standards. Probably.

1. Turn left out of the car park. Keep going until you come out though a gate on to a narrow tack.

2. turn left up the hill. When you get to the top, you will see a track ascending to the right opposite a house on the left, where the trail begins to level out, This is a short shap technicalish and extremely steep climb at the top.

3. Turn left at the top on to the narrow road. Keep going until you get to the golf course, then turn right towards the few houses along Gibb lane.

4. Watch out for a right turn up Whetmorhurst and get ready for ar steep, long road clim bup Whetmorhurst Road. Where joins Bogguard Lane continue along it to the right, until you come to a cross roads, with the wooden mellor cross on the hill just above you,

5. Turn left up the hill from the crossroads, up Black Lane, with the cross on your right. A very steep, technical ascent, and when you get to the top you've done 2/3 of the climbing in the ride. 

6. Over the top and down the other side. Turn left at the T junction and zoom down to rejoind Boggard Road.

7.  Turn right on to  Boggard Road, until you come to a 5 way junction. Take the sharp right on to the track until you come to a cross roads. Take the sharp left down the hill. Speed and very rugged terrain bu twatch out for the road at the bottom.

8.  Be careful on the road, as it can be busy. Keep going past the packhorse in, when you should see a track heading up the hill by a tree on the right.

9. Where the track curves right to the farm, the bridleway continues on, through a style/gate. Same at the other end where you emerge on the other side of the farm.

10. Another very rapid DH  section but beware, the end of this one sneaks up on you faster than the others anmd very rapid brakeing can be involved. Stop as soon as you see the road and head right, up AppleTree Road!

11.  Go straight over the cross road with newmill golf club and follow the increasingly tough track, bearing left where you see the branch off. If you get to the farm you've missed the turn! Bumpy bump to the bottom of the trail.

12. Right turn when you get to the road,

13. The next left turn is just before the fox inn, but feel free to stop off for some refreshments before hand :)

Just before you get to the fox you should see one of britains few remaining phone boxes on the left, after the first house you come to, then someone's drive way then a bridlway heads down the hill. Very fast, occasionally muddy. 

14. When you get to strines station (if you go under a bridge, that means you have passed it) turn right up lower cliffe road for about half a mile, until you come to a house on the right, "Primrose Hill".

15. Turn left, opposite the house, on to the signposted bridleway and continue up the gentle incline until, passing the first house you see a bridleway signposted up the hill to the right.

16 Turn right through what might appear to be a residential courtyard, and you should see the bridleway leading up the hill. A tough climb to the top, often a pusher, which opens out just below the bottom of black lane. Head down to the left back down to the road. Involves a few 8" or so steps but nothing too terrible. Turn right at the bottom.

This section [16] is enjoyable but entirely skippable if desired. Just continue along the bridleway at the bottom if you don't fancy it.

17. Stay on the road to the golf club, once again, however, turn left through the gold club, rather than right, on to the extremely rough but reasonably fast track to the bottom.

18 Out on to Lakes Road, heading left back to the car park. Cuppa etc.


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hilly  suitable for winter  solid  soft  harsh  slippery  rocky  rutted/washboard  offroad  track  onroad  gravel/dirt 

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Starting Coordinates

N 53°23.233' W 2°02.875'
N 53°23'14.011" W 2°2'52.551"
N +53.3872253 E -2.04793095

Ending Coordinates

N 53°23.238' W 2°02.872'
N 53°23'14.333" W 2°2'52.338"
N +53.3873149 E -2.04787194

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