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Norway Hiking trail  Topp 30: 19 A) Smørlitoppen 1160 moh of valdres - 1.30 miles - one-way trip print print Share track on Facebook

Track starts in Norway 2920 Nord-Aurdal, Oppland

valdres Track as

No reduction, all points will be used (Trackpoints: 54)



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Created Friday, July 23, 2010 3:53:05 AM

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607 feet (Altitude from 3,174 feet to 3,781 feet)
Total climb 607 feet
Total descent 0 feet

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Parkering: 1) ved Nythun (kr. 20,- i 2010),

2) ved Pilset/Smørlie (bomvei fra Leira, kr. 40,- i 2010)


1) Fra Nythun på vei/sti innover mot Tveitastølen. Følg skilt til høyre mot Smørlie og etter hvert videre mot toppen av Smørlifjellet.

2) Fra Leira på bomvei innover mot og et stykke forbi Pilset: Noen få parkeringslommer ved siden av veien etter en krapp venstresving mellom Pilset og Smørlie. Herfra først på en liten veistubb (stengt med bom), senere sti forbi en støl, over bekk og opp mot Smørlitoppen.




Parking: 1) at Nythun (kr. 25,- i 2010),

    2) at Pilset/Smørlie (toll road from Leira, kr. 40,- in 2010)


1) From Nythun on the gravel road/path towards Tveitastølen. Follow the sign to the right towards Smørlie and further on to the top of Smørlifjellet.

2) From Leira on the toll road towards and a bit past Pilset. Few parking possibilities by the roadside after a sharp left turn between Pilset and Smørlie. From here at first on a road bit (closed by a toll bar), then past a summer farm hut from where a path leads over a brook and further on towards the top of Smørlifjellet.

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Coordinates 54
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Starting Coordinates

N 61°00.584' E 9°23.793'
N 61°0'35.067" E 9°23'47.581"
N +61.0097411 E +9.39655040

Ending Coordinates

N 61°00.365' E 9°25.828'
N 61°0'21.938" E 9°25'49.729"
N +61.0060939 E +9.43048050

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