Running route Central Island (Chemainus)

Altitude Profile (463 ft to 1,768 ft)

Altitude range

1,306 ft

Total climb

2,047 ft

Total descent

2,047 ft

GPSies-Index 5.6 ClimbByBike-Index 34.35 Fiets-Index 0.64

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Quality of track
15.36 miles
107 time(s)
20 time(s)


Fun factor
Description of track
round trip

15.36 miles

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Track simplification

The loop to run on the Jan 1 Big Butt 25k/50k training run. Reverse directions for 50k. 

Starting at the CRI Lot at 8:00am, we will run a 25km circuit (TH = trailhead):
- Left on road after the yellow gate
- Continue on road, staying left. 
- RIGHT turn onto *MUNDAY’S CHILD*
- Hang a RIGHT and turn up *TWO SHOES*
- cross the road and take the LEFT trail onto *TOP HAT*. 
- watch for the minor left branch after the climb of TOP HAT to extend the loop south and along the cliff
- back at the road, turn LEFT and head into *FUJI JIM*
- LEFT on road, go past both 50:1 TH’s to the end then onto *RESURRECTION* TH
- LEFT at each of two “Down” signs, LEFT onto *RAPTURE* (use caution here, trail is mutli-threaded and Rapture is also signed to the right but go LEFT)
- RIGHT at the road at the 50:1 TH chair, then immediately RIGHT again.
- Onto *UPPER 50:1* right at the end of the road. Do not take side trails as you go up 50:1
- RIGHT on road after creek crossing
- Second LEFT in ~15m up *DOUBLE PUMPER*
- LEFT on road for ~200m then RIGHT onto *BLUE COLLAR* (no sign)
- Keep RIGHT on *BLUE COLLAR* and drop into the trees
- RIGHT onto *SHORTLINE* at old rail grade
- LEFT onto *TRUFFLE SHUFFLE*, cross the bike bridge
- RIGHT at road for 20m, then LEFT onto *CLIMAX*
- RIGHT on road, then LEFT after 100m onto *UPPER THIRSTY BEAVER*
- LEFT on road, then angle RIGHT on the far side of the next road junction onto *BEAVER TALE*
- Keep straight/RIGHT onto *TRENT RIVER*. Pause to take in the view at the cliff!
- RIGHT at road** and go down hill. Do not follow wood arrow sign to the left!
- Take second LEFT road, the grassy one, and watch for *LOWER POTLUCK* TH on RIGHT.
- Down *POTLUCK*
- Cross road, straight into *UPPER THIRSTY BEAVER*
- RIGHT on road, then LEFT onto *LOWER THIRSTY BEAVER*
- Cross road and veer left on *42ND STREET*
- Keep straight as trail turns into *OFF BROADWAY* at the crosstrail with Steam Donkey
- Exit onto road, then go LEFT and follow road to yellow gate
- Cross road and just to the LEFT is the TH on the other side for Bronco’s/Buggered Pig. Do not cross bridge.
- When trail turns uphill, watch for LEFT branch and go downhill. Do not continue uphill (on 2 & A Juice)
- Cross road onto *MAMA BEAR*.
- LEFT at road, then LEFT to YELLOW GATE/CRI, the parking lot and a bag of chips.

More attributes
hilly  singletrail  gravel/dirt 

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Starting Coordinates

N 49°37.099' W 125°02.045'
N 49°37'05.982" W 125°2'02.734"
N +49.6183286 E -125.034093

Ending Coordinates

N 49°37.099' W 125°02.044'
N 49°37'05.998" W 125°2'02.680"
N +49.6183328 E -125.034078

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