Cycling route Port Talbot Neath Port Talbot

Altitude Profile (669 ft to 1,590 ft)

Altitude range

921 ft

Total climb

1,069 ft

Total descent

1,027 ft

GPSies-Index 3.56 ClimbByBike-Index 24.12 Fiets-Index 0.51

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Quality of track
9.51 miles
95 time(s)
13 time(s)


Fun factor
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round trip

9.51 miles

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Today started early, left the house at 7am and headed over to Matts house to load up the van and head off to the trails. We made good time and got to Glyncorrwg by 10am, headed straight to the cafe for a bacon sandwich (which was huge). Dave came in about 20mins later. He traveled down alone and was the only person from the welsh group to come down. We started to prep our bikes, which didn't go too well. My shock pump decided to blow up, which wasn't good as in doing so it dumped all the remaining air from the positive chamber. Took a quick visit to the service shop, but they couldn't help either as I have a ridiculus shock that needs a massive 400psi to work correctly for me. Luckily Dave have a pump that could do 350psi, I put his pump to the limit and also removed 80psi from the negative chamber. This made the bike rideable (just), all be it a bit spongey.Off to the trail - It was decided that we would only do Wytes level. This being a short trail it wouldn't take too long. The climb to the top was good, but Beale somehow managed to take a small tumble, nothing too serious just a small cut to the knee and a bruised palm. We continued the climb, by which time Dave and Matt had gone ahead. We reached the top and all was good, everyone feeling fit and ready to push on. My bike was performing well up to now, but things were just about to go down hill, in more ways than one. Again Dave and Matt headed off into the distance, I followed Beale bringing up the rear. Which as it happened turned out to be the right decission, my bike didn't like the downhill sections (needed more air), it was all over the place ad trying to throw me over the bars at every opportunity. It wasn't me that went over the bars though, Beale was the one that took an unpromptue tumble over the bars. He was OK, just a few more cuts to his knees and elbows. Gave me something to laugh about though. This was right near the end of the final decent. From here we headed along the cycle path and back to the car and home. Again made good time getting home, must be something to do with Matts driving!

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Starting Coordinates

N 51°40.424' W 3°37.863'
N 51°40'25.464" W 3°37'51.78"
N +51.6737400 E -3.63105000

Ending Coordinates

N 51°40.425' W 3°37.868'
N 51°40'25.535" W 3°37'52.089"
N +51.6737600 E -3.63113600

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