Mountain bike trail Tres Pinos (Aguamansa) Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Altitude Profile (6,194 ft to 7,589 ft)

Altitude range

1,394 ft

Total climb

1,867 ft

Total descent

1,867 ft

GPSies-Index 7.01 ClimbByBike-Index 47.85 Fiets-Index 2.09

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14.51 miles
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14.51 miles

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Starting at the intersection of TF24 with the road to Izana we'll follow an unpaved road slowly downhill. Shortly after reaching the forest (corona forestal) turn right at a small path uphill. Unfortunately, this path is extremely bad with many rocks and steep as well. So I had to walk the bike most of the path. After approximately 3 km this pah meets another unpaved road that runs more or less parallel to the south rim of the Canadas. Turning up right will bring you back to TF24. At the intersection with TF24 you'll find a gate and a sign telling you that cycling is not allowed there. Tough luck, there was no such sign on the way. Furthermore there are also signs saying the area is military zone. Funny, but the official hiking path no 8 is following exactly the same road.

I did the tour clockwise. It might be better to do the tour counter clockwise because you can than run the small foot path downhill. That might be easier, also if you decide to walk the bike. Of course this way you have to ignore the "biking prohibited" sign.

Keep in mind the sun is quite intense. After all, most of the tour you'll ride at more than 2000 m above sea level. This is higher than many ski resorts in the Euopean Alps. And carry plenty of water:(

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Starting Coordinates

N 28°18.201' W 16°30.960'
N 28°18'12.061" W 16°30'57.609"
N +28.3033504 E -16.5160026

Ending Coordinates

N 28°18.199' W 16°30.956'
N 28°18'11.999" W 16°30'57.417"
N +28.3033332 E -16.5159492

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