Motorcycle ride East Kootenay East Kootenay

Altitude Profile (2,880 ft to 7,523 ft)

Altitude range

4,643 ft

Total climb

9,370 ft

Total descent

9,003 ft

GPSies-Index 21.7 ClimbByBike-Index 142.14 Fiets-Index 3.15

About this track

Quality of track
67.14 miles
2080 (4 parts)
59 time(s)
10 time(s)


Fun factor
Description of track
one-way trip

67.14 miles

Activity, suitable for

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The main track leads up to the VOR site (VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range - an aviation navigation signal broadcast station), and good views of the Rocky Mountain Trench in all directions.

This ride is suitable for all dual sport motorcycles and any wheeled vehicle with reasonable clearance - as long as you do a straight up and back. The Lisbon loop shown here on return is a suckerhole that leads into some long steep downhills through alders growing over from each side. With the wrong weather or a deadfall across the track, you might end up not being to climb back out. That loop does not provide views of any scenery - it just requires more effort and work. For the adventurous, there is also apparently a track from the VOR site northwest into Angus Creek and then the St Maries FSR. I ran out of gas before being able to see if it hooks up with the ridge ride.

The ridge ride from the top wavers between between double and single track.

More attributes
mountainous  GPS recorded  harsh  gravel/dirt 

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Starting Coordinates

N 49°32.294' W 116°06.208'
N 49°32'17.673" W 116°6'12.495"
N +49.5382426 E -116.103471

Ending Coordinates

N 49°29.270' W 116°08.710'
N 49°29'16.222" W 116°8'42.658"
N +49.4878396 E -116.145183

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