Mountain bike trail Calne Wiltshire

Altitude Profile (446 ft to 1,001 ft)

Altitude range

555 ft

Total climb

1,121 ft

Total descent

1,123 ft

GPSies-Index 3.77 ClimbByBike-Index 26.7 Fiets-Index 0.12

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Quality of track
14.98 miles
60 time(s)
32 time(s)


Fun factor
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round trip

14.98 miles

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15 mile circuit bridleways, byways, track, side roads and MUD. Parking on main road at Cherhill and heading clockwise, the first part of the climb up to the monument is a very technical narrow steep claybed highly slippery in the wet so you will have to get off the bike and slog it up on foot if its rained recently. The remaining climb is easy. From here its downhill. Turn west on a flat farm track section. From Beacon Hill there is a deadly claybed slippery steep downhill section, like the start is out of Cherhill not quite as steep but much longer. Once you get to Heddingon hopefully without any mis-haps, stop off at the Ivy pub for a refresher. Then at your peril take the bridle track up the hill adjacent to the golf course from Hampsley Hollow after the farm which at the time of writing was so muddy we had to carry and my wheels got so caked, they wouldn't turn round. It took an age to get up to the top so you may want to take the road from the pub thru Stockley instead and onto Blackland. From Calstone Wellington its down hill through a little wood and stream then up and home run back to car 5 hours later.

More attributes
hilly  GPS recorded  solid  harsh  slippery  rutted/washboard  offroad  track 

Good track, is a little slow going in places

Posted 8/31/11 3:13 PM


That first climb is one of the most technical in the area, and is fantastic as a descent! I don't know the Beacon Hill descent but will definitely be trying this route out soon.

Posted 8/31/11 3:13 PM

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Starting Coordinates

N 51°25.756' W 1°56.956'
N 51°25'45.380" W 1°56'57.395"
N +51.4292724 E -1.94927659

Ending Coordinates

N 51°25.759' W 1°56.958'
N 51°25'45.542" W 1°56'57.499"
N +51.4293173 E -1.94930530

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