Mountain bike trail Rhayader Powys

Altitude Profile (587 ft to 1,634 ft)

Altitude range

1,047 ft

Total climb

4,774 ft

Total descent

4,774 ft

GPSies-Index 11.1 ClimbByBike-Index 46.37 Fiets-Index 0.24

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26.39 miles
198 time(s)
16 time(s)


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26.39 miles

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Wanting to tackle the Goshawk challenge I was disappointed to discover it was fully booked. So I said "Sod it I'll make my own!!" So in search of inspiration I had a quick look on google for other places around Wales where you can see Goshawks. It seems they're pretty widespread, so I started looking for nature reserves where we might find them ..... Anyway, to cut a long story short (which I don't think I've particularly achieved) the Carn Gafallt wildlife reserve above the Elan Valley in mid Wales is a good place to see Buzzards and has a network of bridleways around it. So I propose a cross country Enduro (ish) length ride in this lovely part of the world instead of the Wentwood Goshawk challenge. Not much to do with Goshawks particularly and it's not in Wentwood and it's on a different weekend to the Goshawk Challenge, but hey, it's a day out in the hills!


This is the final route! :-)   I've tried to pick out good descents and stay away from main roads. I finished up with a figure of 8 loop so we can use the crossover at the cars to replenish and rest. The first loop is 22km and the second about 20km. So if you're only good for one loop you can call it quits early. Hopefully the highlights will be the Miners' Track descent and the Maen Serth descent in the second loop and the hopefully mad fall off Gwastedyn Hill in the first loop!

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Starting Coordinates

N 52°17.918' W 3°31.019'
N 52°17'55.084" W 3°31'01.149"
N +52.2986347 E -3.51698607

Ending Coordinates

N 52°17.933' W 3°31.038'
N 52°17'55.995" W 3°31'02.281"
N +52.2988877 E -3.51730049

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