Mountain bike trail Las Flores

Altitude Profile (71 ft to 2,560 ft)

Altitude range

2,489 ft

Total climb

2,978 ft

Total descent

2,917 ft

GPSies-Index 7.71 ClimbByBike-Index 57.34 Fiets-Index 1.5

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Quality of track
23.86 miles
1539 (3 parts)
71 time(s)
7 time(s)


Fun factor
Description of track
one-way trip

23.86 miles

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wanted to do this for a long time, just was never motivated really, the last part just looked completely insane on the map always.

dont think i'll do it again, one good thing to say, the trees to the left and right of the street provide a nice shadow. 

when you think uphill is hard (2.9km, 400m elevation change, 14% AVERAGE!!!) then wait on downhill. between 10% and 2 5% downhill on pavement, what ya wanna do, keep it rolling until you have liftoff, or brake hard on gravel before the corner?  at least now i know how my brakes smell then they start fading (no i dont weigh even 200pound)

also, I originally planned to go back the way i came, so counterclockwise, do it. i changed my plan and just went on clockwise, just boring.

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mountainous  GPS recorded 

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Starting Coordinates

N 19°46.911' W 70°40.334'
N 19°46'54.717" W 70°40'20.067"
N +19.7818660 E -70.6722410

Ending Coordinates

N 19°47.111' W 70°41.111'
N 19°47'06.698" W 70°41'06.662"
N +19.7851940 E -70.6851840

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