Cycling route Frankfurt am Main Reg.-Bez. Darmstadt

Altitude Profile (305 ft to 410 ft)

Altitude range

105 ft

Total climb

879 ft

Total descent

876 ft

GPSies-Index 4.64 ClimbByBike-Index 40.95 Fiets-Index 0

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Quality of track
25.33 miles
12 time(s)
4 time(s)


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round trip

25.33 miles

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Track simplification

My version of the "Flughafenrunde groesser" route. Main intention was to make it less technical and thus faster (the original route has some root gardens, and some parts, which get muddy if it rained recently - nice for a fully/people who enjoy getting muddy, not so nice for a hardbike/hardtail, especially if one wants to go faster, and at the same time wants to avoid the dangers of roads with traffic).

Further, an attempt was made to avoid the parts, where I was meeting road traffic (near the airport) or where I was meeting too many pedestrians/dogwalkers, who tend to panic, when one passes them by on a MTB at 30+ km/h. The route is as well intentionally more scenic/longer around the airport, following it's border more tightly (fairly good surface roads, even after recent rain - less mud on the bike and person).

This is Work-In-Progress. I might still need to play around with the parts crossing towns, to avoid them, without having to go to too messy/small/slow paths. And I still need to test out, if, on the new sections, I did not add some of those aspects, I did not like about the original route.

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flat  planned  solid  soft  offroad  track  cycle path  gravel/dirt 

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Starting Coordinates

N 50°04.603' E 8°38.060'
N 50°4'36.196" E 8°38'03.611"
N +50.0767212 E +8.63433659

Ending Coordinates

N 50°04.602' E 8°38.060'
N 50°4'36.123" E 8°38'03.638"
N +50.0767010 E +8.63434400

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