Event Montecucco Brescia

Altitude Profile (220 ft to 3,333 ft)

Altitude range

3,114 ft

Total climb

4,547 ft

Total descent

4,347 ft

GPSies-Index 11.77 ClimbByBike-Index 66.21 Fiets-Index 2.71

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20.75 miles
147 time(s)
38 time(s)


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round trip

20.75 miles

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The route starts from the lakeside in Gardone Riviera. Cycling on a not particularly steep ascent on

asphalt we head towards the Town Hall, enter the village of Gardone Sopra, and after the Vittoriale

square, take the cobbled climb that leads from Montecucco to Tresnico with a gradient between

12% and 18%. With another steep but short climb (peaks of 25%) we reach Della Calma Street covering

the first 5 Km. We continue with gentle ups and downs in Val Sur.

At locality Conventino starts the most technical part. We enter the woods on an unpaved and sometimes

rocky road, with short natural steps of red rock to climb over with a jump. Past Prà del Pero we

cross the river and take the easy white road that, with a fast and easy descent, leads us to Colomber,

covering a total of about 18 kilometers. Then we face the steep and steady ascent, on an unpaved

road in the woods, for about 5 kilometers with a difference in altitude of 600 meters until the square

of the Pirello, the highest point of the D’Annunzio Bike (1017 meters).

Finally the long unpaved descent of about 12 Km! We pass through the villages of Bezzuglio and

Fasano Sopra, a short and steep cobbled descent, and we reach localities Poffa and Villa Gemma The

final stretch of the trail is an easy up and down of about 2 kilometers through side streets that bring

us to the “crazy water park” just below the Vittoriale. The last short paved descent, the “Torricella”,

takes us to the Vittoriale square in Gardone Sopra.

More attributes
mountainous  solid  soft  harsh  rocky  rutted/washboard  offroad  path  onroad  gravel/dirt 

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Starting Coordinates

N 45°37.031' E 10°33.467'
N 45°37'01.886" E 10°33'28.078"
N +45.6171907 E +10.5577996

Ending Coordinates

N 45°37.402' E 10°33.832'
N 45°37'24.146" E 10°33'49.920"
N +45.6233740 E +10.5638668

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