Mountain bike trail Morristown Maricopa

Altitude Profile (1,627 ft to 7,087 ft)

Altitude range

5,459 ft

Total climb

9,455 ft

Total descent

5,696 ft

GPSies-Index 21.69 ClimbByBike-Index 147.24 Fiets-Index 3.76

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66.19 miles
49 time(s)
8 time(s)


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one-way trip

66.19 miles

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Crown king from lake pleasant to Prescott off of walker rd, near Costco

 this was done in a lightly modified Suzuki samurai(29's, 4.1 tcase gears, 3 inch lift).  these types of vehicals (jeeps, side-by-sides, short wheel base or highly modified SUVs/trucks) are recommened, full size trucks(stock or lightly modified), vans and especially cars will not make this trek unless highly modified. Lockers will help greatly.

 while most of the obstacles do have bypasses, there are a few before reaching the crown king area that do not.

Please be sure that if you attempt this route, be prepared. lots of water, food, and supplies to repair vehicle, etc.  if you can, go with a group first to get a feel for the route, though the trail does tend to change from year to year due to erotion

on this trip alone, we helped a side-by-side with a flat tire (needed tire plugs) and pulled a car out of a ditch in the road (needed chain) and there were reports of a truck rolling down the side of the trail, pulled out by winch.  

Again, especially for first time, be overly prepared, and try to go in a group. Winter and Spring are not recommended for inexperinced off-roaders, wet obstacles muliply the degree of difficulty.

More attributes
hilly  mountainous  suitable for families  deserted, quiet  planned  GPS recorded  historical  harsh  slippery  rocky  rutted/washboard  offroad 

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Starting Coordinates

N 33°54.606' W 112°19.470'
N 33°54'36.363" W 112°19'28.250"
N +33.9101010 E -112.324514

Ending Coordinates

N 34°32.556' W 112°23.919'
N 34°32'33.370" W 112°23'55.197"
N +34.5426030 E -112.398666

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