Mountain bike trail Westfir Lane

Altitude Profile (1,014 ft to 4,764 ft)

Altitude range

3,750 ft

Total climb

7,635 ft

Total descent

10,789 ft

GPSies-Index 19.98 ClimbByBike-Index 83.72 Fiets-Index 3.33

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28.20 miles
23 time(s)
4 time(s)


Fun factor
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one-way trip

28.20 miles

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6h:21m:39s | 28.2 mi

Alpine Trail is known as the "Crown Jewel" of trails at MBO... but add Tire Mountain and Cloverpatch to the second half of your ride and prepare for epic scenery, long, steep sections of climbing and descending, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the Oakridge valley. This has long been a favorite combo of locals and guests alike, but it just got better! ATC (Alpine, Tire, Cloverpatch) has somehow gotten even better: We added more trail and gave it a new name: ATC-A! Say so long to the gravel and paved buzzkill that this epic ride ended on and say hello to more scenery, trail and excitement as you head back to the red covered bridge.The local MTB community partnered with the USFS and added a new section of trail taking you from Cloverpatch trail to very near Buckhead shelter and ending your ride on the same trail where you started: Alpine. Yep, ATC-A stands for Alpine, Tire Mt, Cloverpatch, Alpine. Bring your camera, water and thighs…you’re going to want them all.  You get a bit of all Oakridge has to offer on ATC-A: Buff, fast, steep, rocky, stunning views and old growth. There are many fast corners, most with good sightlines, but speed can get out of hand very easily.

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Starting Coordinates

N 43°51.590' W 122°28.687'
N 43°51'35.434" W 122°28'41.228"
N +43.8598430 E -122.478119

Ending Coordinates

N 43°45.548' W 122°29.752'
N 43°45'32.925" W 122°29'45.132"
N +43.7591460 E -122.495870

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