Hiking trail Órgiva Granada

Altitude Profile (1,017 ft to 3,022 ft)

Altitude range

2,005 ft

Total climb

2,713 ft

Total descent

2,838 ft

GPSies-Index 13.38

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5.45 miles
225 time(s)
99 time(s)


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round trip

5.45 miles

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The Sierra de Lujar, opposite side of the alpujarras, is very rarly visited due to its missing hotspots, missing water and of course missing roads. Nevertheless there are some spots which are pretty surprising. The ruta de los mineros for example is such an example - A half day hike along the ancient trails of mineworker going on/off work in the mines higher up in the mountains. The mines, in total to be said over 240km, are only interesting if you can enter them. This is actually quite easy as there are open entrances in many places. If you can proper equipment you can have you adventure deep in the heart of the mountains. The mines are said to be one of the oldest mines in south of spain and we you enter you feel history alive. Even today you can find many sorts of different minerals like quarz and other sort of chrystals. The whole mountain is penetrated with galeries, support entries, ventilation chimneys so in total it feels like walking on a swiss cheese. The panorama views of the alpujarras and the peaks of sierra nevada are stunning and is the reward of climbing up in the first half. The second half, after the mines, will take you back down which is not a very enjoyable thing to do since the paths are very stony and steep.

If you in for adventure you should consider going. If not i wouldnt really recommend the trip since it goes up one side and down the other

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Starting Coordinates

N 36°52.791' W 3°25.222'
N 36°52'47.487" W 3°25'13.326"
N +36.8798577 E -3.42036860

Ending Coordinates

N 36°52.789' W 3°25.225'
N 36°52'47.367" W 3°25'13.505"
N +36.8798242 E -3.42041831

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