Mountain bike trail Shere Surrey County

Altitude Profile (507 ft to 1,055 ft)

Altitude range

548 ft

Total climb

3,796 ft

Total descent

3,931 ft

GPSies-Index 9.46 ClimbByBike-Index 30.88 Fiets-Index 0.1

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17.87 miles
6262 (3 parts)
185 time(s)
123 time(s)


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round trip

17.87 miles

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My current loop of Holmbury, Pitch and Winterfold.  The route starts at Felday Glade but if you start it at the Holmbury St Mary Youth Hostel you can cut the first climb and last (bridleway) descent out of the loop.

It takes in the following trails

  • Resevoir Dogs
  • I Should Coco
  • Return Of The Jedi
  • Barry Knows Best
  • Wet As An Otter's Pocket (reverse)
  • Three Bombholes Trail
  • Three Amigos
  • Three Amigos pt II
  • Secret Santa
  • Wet As An Otter's Pocket
  • Supernova
  • Vauxhall Nova
  • Yoghurt Pots
  • Telegraph Road

The loop is about 18 miles long and as it runs through Peaslake twice gives you the option to refuel at about 6 miles and 13 miles into the ride.  There is a very small amount of road on the route (mostly the climb back up Radnor Road from Peaslake) and given the length of the ride not a lot of bridleway.

On a good day I can knock out the route in about two and a half hours plus a stop at Peaslake (normally on the way back).  If you've not ridden it before then I'd give yourself at least three to three and a half hours total time on the hill although you'll probably be moving for at least an hour less than that.

More attributes
hilly  GPS recorded  solid  soft  slippery  rutted/washboard  offroad  singletrail 

Hi, this looks great. I'm in the area next w/e (16/17 Nov) and would like to do something like this. What are trail conditions like at the moment? And how difficult are the trails - are they blue or red standard? thanks

Posted 11/11/13 5:01 AM

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Starting Coordinates

N 51°11.348' W 0°24.798'
N 51°11'20.907" W 0°24'47.901"
N +51.1891410 E -0.41330600

Ending Coordinates

N 51°11.337' W 0°24.808'
N 51°11'20.230" W 0°24'48.538"
N +51.1889530 E -0.41348300

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