Cycling route Dyffryn Ardudwy Gwynedd

Altitude Profile (79 ft to 1,857 ft)

Altitude range

1,778 ft

Total climb

2,549 ft

Total descent

2,549 ft

GPSies-Index 7.14 ClimbByBike-Index 40.11 Fiets-Index 1.47

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12.43 miles
1482 time(s)
434 time(s)


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round trip

12.43 miles

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Starting at the coast and climbing up to over 500m, this ride packs more of a punch than its diminutive 20km length might initially suggest. From Tal-y-bont, the only way is up, and you’re climbing straight away, first on tarmac, then through the woods and eventually out on a broad, hardpacked farm track that takes you virtually all the way to Pont Scethin itself. Up to this point the gradient has been easy and the under-tyre conditions sufficiently solid to allow a good conversational pace: this is all about to change.
Diffwys looms ahead of you, casting a gloomy shadow over the Pont. Don’t panic, once you cross the bridge, the route meanders south taking a slightly less imposing route up to the high point of the day. It’s still tough though and if you’re not off and pushing at some point along here, you should probably get your name down for the Olympics asap.
Braich is a spectacular descent with spectacular views out across Mardach and Cadir Idris. This one lasts a long time too, taking in all manner of surfaces and trail conditions. After the flatter middle section keep an eye out for the bermed S-bend that swings off to your right — it was one of our highlights.
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hilly  soft  slippery  rocky  offroad 

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Starting Coordinates

N 52°46.358' W 4°05.818'
N 52°46'21.524" W 4°5'49.119"
N +52.7726456 E -4.09697752

Ending Coordinates

N 52°46.358' W 4°05.818'
N 52°46'21.524" W 4°5'49.119"
N +52.7726456 E -4.09697752

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