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Germany Event  27. AVON RUNNING Berliner Frauenlauf 2010 - 5 KM of GPSies - 3.11 miles - round trip print print Share track on Facebook

Track starts in Germany 10785 Berlin, Kreisfreie Stadt Berlin, Berlin

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No reduction, all points will be used (Trackpoints: 92)



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Created Friday, May 7, 2010 5:47:59 AM

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Altitude Profile

Altitude range

39 feet (Altitude from 95 feet to 135 feet)
Total climb 131 feet
Total descent 131 feet

GPSies-Index 0.89 New! (experimental)


Achtung: die Strecke habe ich anhand der groben Karte von nachgezeichnet.

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Length 3.11 miles
Coordinates 92
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Activity, suitable for  running

Characteristic flat  crowded  solid 

Terrain Type path  cycle path  onroad 

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Starting Coordinates

N 52°30.892' E 13°21.295'
N 52°30'53.576" E 13°21'17.759"
N +52.5148824 E +13.3549332

Ending Coordinates

N 52°30.911' E 13°21.660'
N 52°30'54.704" E 13°21'39.620"
N +52.5151958 E +13.3610057

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