Running route Roath

Altitude Profile (46 ft to 102 ft)

Altitude range

56 ft

Total climb

102 ft

Total descent

105 ft

GPSies-Index 0.82

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3.33 miles
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3.33 miles

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Roath park is one of Cardiff most popular parks and is centred around a 30 acre man made lake which is popular with fishing and boating. There is also a lighthouse by the lake, which is very picturesque. The Park has several gardens including a wild and botanic gardens as a well as having rugby, football, tennis, and basketball facilities to name a few. There is many different running routes that you can do round the park and the lake, the lake itself is 2.1km. During the autumn months the park is very busy with most running clubs and groups running round different areas of the park and the lake as a part of training. The reps that I do in training are usually around 800m as I train for middle distance. The park itself is relatively flat however a lot of the clubs including my training group use the side roads off the park for hill reps.

More attributes
flat  suitable for families  solid  path  onroad  gravel/dirt 

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Starting Coordinates

N 51°29.780' W 3°09.885'
N 51°29'46.849" W 3°9'53.135"
N +51.4963471 E -3.16475987

Ending Coordinates

N 51°29.811' W 3°09.926'
N 51°29'48.696" W 3°9'55.584"
N +51.4968600 E -3.16544000

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