MTB trail Craigieburn

Altitude Profile (1,894 ft to 2,790 ft)

Altitude range

896 ft

Total climb

2,399 ft

Total descent

2,403 ft

GPSies-Index 6.62 ClimbByBike-Index 35.22 Fiets-Index 0.24

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19.30 miles
2630 time(s)
134 time(s)


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round trip

19.30 miles

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In all honesty, for some reason many of the participants anticipated an easy days ride... it was a tough push up some steep hills in many places, and the "hooting" downhills had gradients over 20% and were fun for me, but scary for novice riders.

The first km is great fun if you had space to ride, but the pack was a bit prohibitive.

The next 8km is on the highway sealed road, with a steep climb, and a flying downhill.

From 15kms to 17.5kms it is mostly walking really. grades upwards of 15% in many places.

20-23km all downhill, and brakes disks were bright blue for the first km.

The last 9 km was relatively short climbs, some getting off the bike for those running out of energy, and a general climb made this a pretty tough finish.

The last 2-3kms is on a flat straight gently rising gravel road.

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hilly  mountainous  solid  offroad  track  onroad 

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Starting Coordinates

S 43°07.929' E 171°46.267'
S 43°7'55.772" E 171°46'16.039"
N -43.1321589 E +171.771122

Ending Coordinates

S 43°07.931' E 171°46.369'
S 43°7'55.872" E 171°46'22.148"
N -43.1321869 E +171.772819

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