MTB trail San Anselmo Marin

Altitude Profile (154 ft to 1,053 ft)

Altitude range

899 ft

Total climb

2,907 ft

Total descent

3,091 ft

GPSies-Index 7.96 ClimbByBike-Index 26.7 Fiets-Index 0.37

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Quality of track
12.62 miles
200 time(s)
18 time(s)


Fun factor
Description of track
round trip

12.62 miles

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This is a great single-track in Fairfax, CA.  Better than China Camp, however you do need a paid pass (day, season, family) which you can buy on-line, or at a couple of places in Fairfax (one is the little parking lot coffee hut on the main drag).

What I love about this loop is:


  • Lots of fun.
  • It is physically possible to do the loop in either direction (in other words there are no downhills that are too steep to physically bike up in the opposite direction).
  • While it's very hilly, there aren't too many hills at a stretch that it ceases to be fun and becomes an endurance grind.  However there are some offshoots for that, too.
  • Perfect length, IMO.
  • While most of the trail is fairly easy, there are enough tricky sections to make it interesting.
  • Varied environment.  Redwoods, grassy plains, rocky slopes.  I think the only thing it's missing is a few big Eucalyptus patches.


What I don't like:


  • Nothing, so far.
  • Watch out for the poison ivy around the trailhead.


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hilly  signposted/marked  suitable for winter  planned  solid  soft  harsh  slippery  rocky  singletrail  track 

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Starting Coordinates

N 38°00.483' W 122°35.711'
N 38°0'29.004" W 122°35'42.680"
N +38.0080569 E -122.595189

Ending Coordinates

N 38°00.489' W 122°35.707'
N 38°0'29.354" W 122°35'42.453"
N +38.0081539 E -122.595126

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