Nordic walking trail Bolton Lancashire

Altitude Profile (256 ft to 791 ft)

Altitude range

535 ft

Total climb

1,260 ft

Total descent

1,243 ft

GPSies-Index 4.08 ClimbByBike-Index 29.59 Fiets-Index 0.1

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Quality of track
17.05 miles
32 time(s)
12 time(s)


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round trip

17.05 miles

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From a6 head doen grimeford lane to start with a gentle roll down hill,then up towards roscoe lowe brow,turn right onto horrobin lane between the reservoirs then turn left off road and follow path for about 5oo mts then at top of brow turn left onto stoney path and follow around yarrow reservoir until you reach the end,turn right onto parsons bullogh road,when you reach the stone bridge go off road and follow the trail up to the tin mines,when you see the bridge turn left and head up the steep hill and follow until you reach moor road,head straight on along moor road and be careful down the steep brow,at the bottom follow moor road past the white house and about 100 mts past the house look for the steps up thru the trees on your left,climb the steps and follow trail thru field until you reach healey nab,follow route arond the nab and exit off the nab down to the road onto higher house lane,head down and at bottom turn left onto heapey road and continue to blackburn brow and turn left,at the motorway bridge get onto canal towards adlington,its a good few miles of beatiful country side,when you reach the boat mariner exit off the canal at the bridge hotel(pub) and head right along park road onto common end,follow the road onto trail thru fields and down into the woods,be careful down here,you will see a bridge over the small river,head accross and follow trail straight up thru the woods and continue thru golf course,head left towards canal and follow route over canal bridge up arley lane continuing onto blundell lane,then turn left onto hill lane and follow road thru the village,at junction head down blackrod brow and have a rest until you your car at the bottom of the hill.........min tyre size 1.5.....spare innertube recommended,only 17 miles but pretty tough not for the light hearted,some steep hills.....

More attributes
flat  hilly  deserted, quiet  solid  soft  harsh  slippery  offroad  singletrail  cycle path  onroad  gravel/dirt 

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Starting Coordinates

N 53°36.096' W 2°35.550'
N 53°36'05.772" W 2°35'33.018"
N +53.6016034 E -2.59250521

Ending Coordinates

N 53°36.095' W 2°35.546'
N 53°36'05.726" W 2°35'32.767"
N +53.6015907 E -2.59243547

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