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GPSies for Android shows all tracks of at Google Maps. It is connected directity with the server of Use paging to get the 15 newest tracks within the current viewport. Change the viewport or the zoom level to find other tracks. is the leading platform and community for GPS recorded tracks and is used by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts around the world.


  • Search within the viewport.
  • Shows track on street or satellite map.
  • Lists tracks near by.
  • Display detail page of track with elevation model.
  • Detecting your location (GPS supported).
  • Searching for address
  • Searching for activities, description or username
  • Searching for own tracks, also private
  • Download to SD card (KML, KMZ, GPX und MS Excel)
  • Installation to SD-Card (Froyo)

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Alternative download

If GPSies for Android can not be found at the Android Market, you could download the applikation direcly: Download for direct installation

Languages / Support
Recording tracks

There are two great Android apps which allows you to record and upload tracks directly to

OruxMaps: Map viewer/route logger for your outdoor activities. Support for offline maps. It works fine with gpx and kml formats:

Maverick: Off-road GPS navigator with OSM, Google and Bing maps. Support for offline maps. Great for hiking, boating, geocaching and other outdoor activities:


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