Developing GPSies.com is a lot of fun and sure, I'm proud of it. In case you like the web application and find it useful, I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions and donations.

The GPSies network has 14 actually server (located in Berlin, Germany), a network file system (NFS) and a professional backup.

I'd like to see no advertising! I would like to use the maps from OpenCycleMaps (minimum payment of EUR 25)!

The server are financed by displaying advertisements. If that bothers you, you may rid of it. To do this, you need to be registered and logged in.

Donate EUR 25 for one year advertising exemption or further benefits, like OpenCycleMaps. If you have a total donated 75 EUR or more, then the advertisement is switched off for you and your tracks forever.

Up to and including 2017, the prices were still EUR 15 (annual) and EUR 50 (general shutdown). I had to increase it due to additional tax deductions. I ask for your understanding.

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To donate, please click on the button "Donate now!". The transaction of the free chooseable amount is done with PayPal (Eurocard, Visa or Bank Transfer).

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Thank you!

Thanks a lot and have fun with your outdoor exercises!

Klaus, GPSies.com