Free on the App Store - GPSies+

With GPSies+ you can record GPS routes for sports and leisure activities easily. If you want, just upload them to the GPSies platform on the Internet and share them with other users.

Via the customizable search you can quickly find tracks of other GPSies members. Then just save the most interesting routes on your iPhone. All saved tracks are displayed on the maps of OpenStreetMap. is one of the largest online communities for GPS routes and is used daily by thousands of people.

Core functions
  • Transfer routes saved in the GPSies notepad to the iPhone
  • Record routes and upload to
  • Search and save functionality for all tracks of
  • Display all routes on the map (OpenStreetMap), also description, distance, type of route, suitability for certain activities and elevation profile
  • Your own routes: display absolute time, average speed and pace
  • Map rotating direction adjustable, also on the displayed route
  • Export to all popular GPS formats of
  • Postprocessing of routes on GPSies
New features (last update)
  • New translations: French, Dutch, Italian
  • Replacement of maps by
  • Alignment to compass data
  • Elevation graphics while recording
  • Improved route display
  • New help screens (by shaking gesture)
  • More easier registration
  • Standard gesture to zoom out
  • Notification location service
  • New sounds (start / pause / km)
  • Umlauts and spaces in track name or description now error-free
  • Music no longer disables
  • Renaming of "My routes" to "Track collection" (notepad)
  • Fixed a bug in local search

Notice: GPSies+ is the advanced successor of the GPSies iPhone app, which was developed in partnetship with FALKE KGaG. GPSies+ is available from mid-July 2011 in the iPhone Appstore.