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Idea, developement and "Java magic's"
Bechtold Internet Solutions
GPSies® .com
Steinstrasse 19
D-12169 Berlin
Answerphone (no hotline) +49.30.71531970
Fax +49.30.21474202

D-U-N-S® Number: 313421350

Umsatzsteueridentifikationsnummer nach § 27 a des Umsatzsteuergesetzes (USTID): DE192600107

Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß § 10 Abs. 3 MDStV: Klaus Bechtold (Anschrift wie oben)


Conception / Design

Max Henschel

Attila Pinter
Server architectur / administration

Kai Weber
Hall of Fame


Estados Unidos Chris Milner, United States of America

Portugal Celso Fernandes, Portugal

Rusia Andrew "Banzaj" Fedorov (2007), updated by Alexander Pavlov, and Alexander Zaitsev,, Russia

España Peter Christl, Spain and Xavier Ruiz, Spain

República Checa Tomáš Kučera and Petr Mikeska, Czech Republic

Países Bajos Guido Schmidt,, Netherlands

Francia Family Weissenberger and Krier,, Luxembourg. Revised by Blaise Dériaz, Switzerland. Revised by Pierrick Lussan, (Paris) France.

Polonia Barbara Łopacińska, Poland and Wojciech Konitzer, Germany

Italia Christian Sanco, Italy

Dinamarca Mikkel B. Nørgaard,, Denmark

Brasil Alexander Catão and Jorge E. Hime Somers, Brazil

Noruega Klaus Andreassen and Kim Erik Christiansen,, Norway

Suecia Anders Sjöberg, Sport GPS and MalmöMilen 10 km, Sweden

Israel Hezi Shohat, Israel

China Simplified Chinese by Jacky Huang,, China

Taiwán Traditional Chinese by Jacky Huang,, China

Catalan by Josep M. Pujols Comaposada, Valldoreix, Catalunya

Ucrania Ukrainian by Stanislav Mykhajlyuk VeloKosiv and Stefan Bardakhivsky Kosiv from Ukraine.

Hungría Hungarian by "Pacer Snails" (Iramcsigák) from Hungary

Japón Japanese by Hiro Yasuda, Japan

Croacia Croatian by Roland ("Jimirol") from Croatia

Esperanto by Jessica Grasso ("jegrasso") from Germany / USA

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