Tutorials with flash

  1. How to create a track (2,6 MB) - created by Christian Krier, Luxembourg
  2. Select track - download track - view track (2,2 MB) - erstellt von Christian Krier, Luxemburg

Upload a Track

  1. Choose upload in the main navigation
  2. Choose a username
  3. Choose a name for your track, for example "Berlin Marathon 2006"
  4. Use the description field to add tips and comments on the track
  5. If you have a link to a website where there`s more information on the track, enter the URL in the website field
  6. Indicated at least one track type by selecting a box in the type field so future users will know what kind of track they are downloading
  7. The checkboxes for "Terrain Type" are optional but keep in mind that this is useful information for other users
  8. Please choose the country in which the track can be found
  9. You can upload your file directly from the internet, for example from Google Earth Community or you can choose a file that`s on your computer. The application will check the file format itself.
  10. If everything worked out your new track is displayed after the upload.

Garmin Forerunner and Edge

  1. Load data from your Garmin gadget to the training center.
  2. Select and mark a track in "History" (click "date / time").
  3. Right mouse click opens the context menu. Select "Create Course from Activity".
  4. You can check the result by switching to "Courses". In order to avoid exporting two courses at the same time, make sure you only have one track on the list.
  5. Complete the export using the command "Export courses...". After successfully exporting the file you can now upload or convert it.