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Per caminar [55.319.724 km]
Per bicicleta [324.004.155 km]
Per motor [88.507.598 km]
Amb animals [2.451.399 km]
Sobre aigua [6.477.067 km]
Al Hivern [2.160.530 km]
Tots els altres [26.835.416 km]

Rutes noves

Kam Tin Bike Tour

Creat fa19 minuts de MrGaGaChan
Xina 元朗舊墟, 香港

14,07 km (ruta no circular.)

Khao Khiao National Park

Creat fa21 minuts de darwinlai
Tailàndia Pak Chong, Nakhon Nayok

22,45 km (ruta circular.)

6ft Track 45km

Creat fa22 minuts de speckynz
Aruba 2780 Katoomba DC, New South Wales

44,60 km (ruta no circular.)

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Discover over 5 millions of tracks.

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