Mountainbike Tour Gura Cilnaului Comuna Vadu Paşii

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Starting from Buzau, Hotel Corso, which we can recommend, we began our day by taking a group picture in front of the picturesque city hall. We then left Buzau to the East. We had planned to go by mainroud to Braila. This would have been around 80 km and was supposed to be our regeneration day. After the bad experience on the main road to Targoviste we tried to avoid it though -- with then biking 136 km. Uups.

The trip was worth it, even though this is a psychologically challenging tour and Romanian knowledge (as we had thanks to the best guide through Romania in the world) is very helpful, if not necessary. We left through the "backdoor" of Buzau and hit a bad dirt road right away. This only lastet for 2 km. After that the quality of the asphalt, even in the villages, was good to ok.

We went up North for a bit and this middle part of the tour was one of the most impressive ones of the tour and maybe the journey in general, because one can observe the change of landscape: from the nature below a low mountain range and little fields and some woods, we went into the lowlands, that were more and more becoming "maritime" and flatter and with fields becoming larger. The wheat and sunflower fields are especially impressive! At this time of the year the wheat was in full bloom, some fields were being harvestes. Some sunflower fields were in full bloom, others not at all. Very pretty!

The region leading up to Balta Alba stood for this change in landscape and even though the asphalt is not perfect and there were dirtroads, we can recommend this tour. We had a funny incident regarding bike shops: in the villages, there are basically none, but there are little shops that do sell bike parts. Looking for a bottle holder, we actually found one in the middle of nowhere! As in 90% of the other villages there will always be little shops, the magazin mixt. Please bring abundant amounts of water with you on this tour though, as it can get lonely and hot in summertime.

A true adventure with a good feeling for the landscape of Romania lies within this route. And again: for the people in the villages a bike rider is a species between alien and cowboy, that they cheer on, even though they might not understand, why one should cycle for fun ;-) You will know though after you did this tour. Good ride!

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N 45°09.183' E 26°49.243'
N 45°9'11.034" E 26°49'14.583"
N +45.1530652 E +26.8207177

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N 45°16.175' E 27°58.430'
N 45°16'10.523" E 27°58'25.858"
N +45.2695899 E +27.9738496

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