Wanderung Paraje Tierra Colorada Oaxaca de Juárez

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The best day hike I can recommend from Oaxaca City is starting from San Andres Huayapam, about 5 miles northeast. You cana get there by persero, city bus, from the corner of the baseball stadium for 6 MXN. Get off in the centre of town behind the church, and walk uphill, north, on Calle Los Martires (in front of the church) to find the trailhead at 1740m. In three hours you can climb the fire road to an abandoned cabana at an elevation of 2900m, or continue another hour to the microondas at 3200m, the local highest peak. The change in flora and fauna is remarkable, and the vistas breathtaking. Of course, it goes without saying that you mustn't smoke, litter, or remove anything you see, so the authorities will continue to permit tourists to use the road.

If you want overnight hiking, the Sierra Norte is one obvious choice. Some of the routes are easy to follow, if that is your concern, and you wouldn't need a guide; for example, between Amatlan and Latuvi, between Latuvi and Benito Juarez, and the road between Cuajimoloyas and Benito Juarez. More questions, search for recent threads about this topic, or ask more specific questions.

I went on the walk that mclarjh suggested above from San Andrés Huayapam and really liked. Great views. Thanks for the recommendation. Took me a little over two hours to reach the abandoned hut (being renovated) before I turned back.

A bit more information on finding the trailhead: Heading up Los Martires from the church, as mclarjh says, the paved road soon becomes a dirt one. At a low purple wall a little further down, the road forks. Take the right fork which goes straight ahead, not the one curling left (may go somewhere, but I don't know where).

A few minutes down, there is a chain barrier lying across the road and you can see two big signs a little further ahead, a white one and a blue one. Immediately before the chain barrier is a clear turning on the left, which seems to head away from the hills, but almost immediately doubles back and starts in a series of cut backs upwards. Easy to follow from there, great views down the valley to Tule and beyond for the first hour, further views over towards Etla and Monte Alban after another hour or so. Steep enough but camino easy enough to walk on.

Going straight ahead at the chain across the road gives you two further forks, both of which rejoin and pass a peaceful reservoir, then petering out quickly into no path at all at the stream in the valley fold.

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Koordinaten des Startpunktes

N 17°06.606' W 96°39.902'
N 17°6'36.406" W 96°39'54.140"
N +17.1101129 E -96.6650390

Koordinaten des Endpunktes

N 17°06.541' W 96°39.890'
N 17°6'32.472" W 96°39'53.424"
N +17.1090200 E -96.6648400

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