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On 15 June, Kaidie walked to Great Eastern Street to attend Bring Your Own Shorts I, organised by Christopher Birdman Dent, and had the privilege of watching filmmaker/artist/activist/writer Claudia Tomaz's poetically-layered film Travelogue in its entirety - sitting right next to the fimmaker. It is a beautifully enchanting 12-minute film, which Kaidie will write about at greater length later. Although Kaidie had promised Claudia to reach there early for a chat, she ended up being quite rudely late!! (and forgetting to bring her own films to screen as well) That was because she got rather lost at the Old Street roundabout. Kaidie has a love-hate relationship with roundabouts, as she never fails to get disoriented at one, but she does love their Sisyphian loopiness (as usual). It is not as if we have never been to Great Eastern street - but perhaps it is that we like getting lost (at the expense of our manners). Tsk tsk tsk. 

This GPS track is slightly distorted, as Kaidie switched it off before she reached the venue, mistakenly believing  that she had 'arrived'. Kaidie is now wearing a Garmin Forerunner 405. She will wear it May 2010 - May 2011, as a subject of Fabian Neuhaus/Urbantick's study of cycles. This is a good GPS alright  - the price screams that. That said, the strap is made from the most shockingly inferior material, as it has fallen apart (and, because of this, Kaidie has dropped it before! She was lucky that it was the British Library. Kaidie's saviour must have been some old, wealthy academic type). Perhaps t is the strength/smell/strength of the smell of Kaidie's sweat that corrodes thewrist strap? (A new mighty power of Kaidie discovered!)

Kaidie and Claudia first met in March at the Late at Tate, at the Blast Theory booth, but have been meeting frequently in Life 2.0. In spite of our individual paths/journeys, Claudia and Kaidie always have meeting points that are meaningful and striking. Although we are never far apart over Web 2.0, it was great to see Claudia/Cloud 9 again in Life 1.0, and to be inspired.

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N 51°31.897' W 0°06.736'
N 51°31'53.865" W 0°6'44.185"
N +51.5316293 E -0.11227383

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N 51°31.897' W 0°06.755'
N 51°31'53.827" W 0°6'45.303"
N +51.5316187 E -0.11258429

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