Wanderung Adošiškės k. Kelmės r. sav.

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The „Franciscan Route of Hope“ in Lithuania is an idea to establish alternative pilgrim route to famous world routes as Camino de Sanjago and others. In fact the territory of Lithuania is suitable for pilgriminian route. With a start from east point - the capital city Vilnius to the Baltic Sea port Klaipėda in the west, you cross the whole country and walk about four hundred kilometers through nice and picturesque landscape. The most remote from one another franciscan points in Lithuania was enough strong response to the search of spirituality focus of the route: Vilnius St. Francis Bernardine church and near the sea newely opened St. Francis of Assisi Chapel with the center of spiritual help to oncology patients in Klaipeda. Many intermediate cultural treasures has the sacred and historical value: Šiluva - famous for the first widely known apparition in 1608 of the Mother of God in Europe, Šeteniai – birthpalce of Noble prize winner Cz.Milosz, 1863 revolt leader A.Mackevičius museum and church in Paberžė, a unique non-engine propeled Čiobiškis ferry, Kazokiškės – here Č.Kavaliauskas translated the Bible from the old Greek to Lithuanian, Sisters of Bethlehem Monastery in Paparčiai, Tytuvėnai Bernardine Church and Monastery, St. Benedict's Monastery in Palendriai, franciscan community of reconciliation in Pakutuvėnai, Kretinga St. Anthony of Padua Church. Then there are Kelme, Lančiūnava, Zavišai, Bukonys manors (more precisely their painful fate). 

We decided to get over the part of that route (280 km), with a start from Palendriai and by walk to Vilnius make sure that idea of „Franciscan Route of Hope“ truly works. We just want to know does traffic in selected roads isn‘t so terrible and what kind of service you can respect. 

The middle distance footpath with not so much traffic goes through gravel, green paths, non paved roads, quiet secondary roads and few main roads. The route is mostly flat, with some down-hills and up-hills to the valley of the river. 

There are few places (Tytuvėnai, Šiluva, Paberžė, Paparčiai) where you can get first class pilgrim service with dinner and shower. The rest nights we stay in a tent with own cooking service. It is very interesting hiking trip with many places to relax and to be with youself. 

For further information, please contact with juknelevicius@gmail.com

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Koordinaten des Startpunktes

N 55°43.777' E 22°56.128'
N 55°43'46.664" E 22°56'07.738"
N +55.7296290 E +22.9354830

Koordinaten des Endpunktes

N 54°39.971' E 25°12.978'
N 54°39'58.294" E 25°12'58.697"
N +54.6661930 E +25.2163050

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